Sustainable Design, Inspiring Workspaces

Sustainable Workspaces

17-21 September 2018

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, *Wed open till 9pm
Sustainable Bankside
105 Sumner St.
Free Event

Sustainable Workspaces

Sustainable Workspaces is the largest workspace and incubator of sustainable startups in Europe, all of whom by scaling are changing the world.

For the LDF we are showcasing our prime members leading the industry with sustainable design and innovation - Envirobuild, Biohm, Plumen, Buy Me Once and more.

Inside our workspace is the Landsec Lab - a modular, moveable and simple space designed to trigger a new mindset. It’s a place where the Landsec teams innovate with partners and customers to make spaces more inspiring, efficient and productive. The Lab was designed by ThirdWay Architects.

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